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Print-ready as low as €0.60 per page!

State-of-the-art typesetting for books, articles, magazines and catalogs. Now automated.

Prepress and Premedia

We offer typesetting conversion services for books, articles, magazines and catalogs, in multiple languages.

Content can simultaneously be converted into:

  • print PDF
  • online PDF
  • device-specific PDF
  • HTML5
  • eBook (EPUB, AZW, mobi, Screen PDF)

We also offer digitalization and data conversion services.

How we work

Before we typeset and transform your documents, we ask for a sample source to evaluate whether it is suitable for automation. Source documents are normally provided as .doc or .docx, or another structured format.

Send us a sample document for a quotation.

The first publication typically takes 1 to 3 days, as the styles and typesetting rules need to be configured. Subsequent projects of the same type have a turnaround time of between 4 hours and 1 day. 

Do you have an urgent project? Contact us