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Analog and Mixed Signal IC design

Analog and Mixed Signal IC design is TKM’s key focus area under Semiconductor Service offerings operating out of Berlin and India. TKM’s management share a common passion of value creation and value addition to customer through its niche Analog and Mixed Signal IC design service offerings. TKM offers custom IC design services in the areas of RFICs, Power Management, Data Converters and SERDES. The team comes in with rich experience in Systems Engineering for Wireless Systems (RF and Digital Baseband) with silicon technology based considerations which is another key differentiating service. Systems Engineering thus nicely compliments TKM’s Analog and Mixed Signal IC design offering to provide the customer with turnkey service from Product definition as input to successful silicon as output.

Analog IC design

RFIC design (CMOS and SiGe-BiCMOS)
  • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)
  • Mixers
  • VGA
  • Low phase noise VCOs
  • On chip passives (Spiral inductors, transformers, transmission lines)
  • RFIC wafer level/die level testing expertise
Clock circuits
  • Phase locked loops (integer N and Fractional N PLLs)
  • High frequency VCOs
  • Delay Locked loops (DLLs)
Data Converters
  • Pipeline ADCs
  • TI ADCs
  • SAR ADCs
  • Current Steering DACs
Power Management
  • Linear regulators
  • Low drop out regulators (LDOs)
  • Charge pump circuits
  • DC/DC converters
Wireless Systems Engineering
  • Systems Specs from Product definition
  • RF Transmitter and Receiver System budgeting/line up analysis
  • RF Cascaded and sub-block budgeting
  • LO Spec
  • Channel ADC and Channel DAC error budgeting
  • Theoretical analysis through spreadsheets
  • EMI compliance spec
  • Antenna feasibility analysis
  • Beamforming/Beamswitching
  • Digital Baseband System Architecture development
  • Scrambler, CRC, LDPC Encoder/Decoder, RS Encoder/decoder, Mapper/demapper, Differential Encoder/decoder, Spreader/de-spreader, FFT/IFFT, Cyclic Prefix Insertion/removal, preamble insertion
  • SRRC filters, IQ and DC estimation and correction Time sync and fine time tracking algorithm
  • CORDIC Algorithm
Wireless IoT Product Reselling in Europe
  • Collaboration with leading Wireless and RF IoT module manufacturers in India
  • Integration ready OEM products for IoT applications such as energy/gas/water meters, lighting products, home/building automation, street lighting and asset tracking
  • Low power networking modules for next generation smart grid networks, smart cities and connected infrastructure
  • Small form factor LPWAN IoT modules for 6LoWPAN, Zigbee, LoRa and BLE
  • Headquarter in Berlin and active business development team in Germany for enablement
Antenna Portfolio
2.4 GHz 10dBi Flat Panel Antenna
This is a 2.4GHz ISM band directional panel antenna suitable for 802.11b/g repeater applications, bridging the signal source with the indoor router.  
Product Specification
Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz
VSWR < 2.0
Gain 10 dBi
Horizontal Beamwidth 26 deg
Vertical Beamwidth 26 deg
Polarization Vertical
Front to Back Ratio 27 dB
Impedance 50 Ω
  • WiFi signal repeater/signal booster
  • Wireless Hotspot
  • Status: Working prototype
Other Services
  • RF discrete design
  • High Speed board design with SI/PI analysis
  • Antenna design/feasibility analysis
  • EMI/EMC Compliance Testing
Customer Engagement Models
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